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  • Displays minimum/maximum temperatures for last 24 hours (for each hour) and last 7-days (for each day), or last 30 days (for each day)
  • Time/Date stamp key shows the exact time and date for all minimum and maximum readings
  • 4-wire platinum bottle probe insures linear response and high accuracy across the entire range
  • Range -58.00 to 158.00°F (-50.00 to 70.00°C), resolution 0.01°, accuracy 0.1°C, fulfills precise requirements for refrigerators/freezers
  • Sealed GRAS bottle is insulated from rapid temperature changes when door is opened
  • GRAS— liquid generally recognized as safe by US Food and Drug Administration
  • Refrigerator/freezer door closes and seals tightly around micro-thin cable
  • Triple display shows current °F/ °C and minimum/maximum temperatures
  • Alarm is settable in 0.1° increments and signals when temperature rises above/falls below set points
  • Visual LEDs and audible alarm signals continuously even if temperature returns to non-alarm range
  • Permits easy one-key calibration by user


Each Unit Includes

  • Batteries
  • Platinum RTD stainless-steel bottle probe
  • Cable
  • Cagnetic strips
  • Velcro® tape
  • Bench stand
  • Traceable® Certificate

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Control Company 6409