Many individuals use digital multimeters for measuring electrical parameters, but they face limitations when measuring current due to the need to interrupt the circuit. Current probes offer a solution by providing a non-contact method for current measurement, making them invaluable for maintenance and troubleshooting without circuit disconnection.

Current probes, unlike standalone multimeters, work in conjunction with oscilloscopes. While optional, some current probes can be more expensive than the oscilloscope itself. Their standout feature is the ability to measure AC and DC current without interrupting the circuit, utilizing various methods to detect the magnetic field around the current being measured. Some models are designed for AC-only measurement, while others cover both AC and DC.

Fluke i6000

Fluke’s Current Probes

Fluke, a leading supplier in the industry, offers compact, easy-to-use, and accurate current probe models. These probes are designed and tested by electrical engineers with a focus on safety and time-saving features, providing confidence in troubleshooting and problem-solving.

i6000sflex AC Current Probe

The i6000sflex is a noteworthy AC current probe from Fluke, utilizing the Rogowski principle for measurement. Exploring the Rogowski coil—a device for measuring AC—it describes how the coil wraps around the wire to detect the current passing through. Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction comes into play, inducing electromotive force (emf) in the Rogowski coil. Additional measuring equipment, such as a clamp meter or CRO, can then be employed to measure the induced current and voltage. The coil’s helical design and proper wrapping around the wire enable accurate current measurement.

Key Features of the Fluke i6000sflex

  • Measurement Capability: Can measure currents up to 6000 A AC rms.
  • Flexibility: The flexible probe is suitable for cramped and hard-to-reach spaces.
  • Range Selection: Switch-selectable ranges of 60, 600, and 6000 A for versatility.
  • Models: Available in two versions – i6000s Flex-24 with a 24-inch measuring head and i6000s Flex-36 with a 36-inch measuring head, accommodating different conductor diameters.
  • Safety Rating: CAT III 600 V, ensuring safety in moderate-risk applications.

Concluding the comprehensive overview, these features emphasize the i6000sflex’s capabilities and suitability for various applications, providing users with a reliable tool for electrical measurements.

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